Welcome to Mother Nurtured. We are Tianjin and Bianca Lawless. We are sisters and Mothers who together created Mother Nurtured.

Tianjin is a Certified Yoga teacher, pregnancy and postnatal yoga teacher, soon-to-be Doula, and forever a student of Ayurveda. She has taught in Australia and Europe and has run workshops and retreats in Australia, England, Portugal, Ibiza and the Netherlands. She now teaches here on Sydney’s Northern Beaches at Modern Movement , Modern Movements Online Portal and Privates.

Bianca is a Nutritionist who has worked in both Australia and America and ran retreats with Tianjin across Europe. Together they continued their studies and are both Certified Mizan Abdominal Massage therapists, Placenta remedy specialists and they do womb/vaginal Steaming and castor oil packs as part of their treatments.

We are in the thick of Motherhood and are passionate about all things women’s health. The whole process of a woman’s life cycle through menstruation, fertility, pregnancy, birth, postpartum, menopause and beyond is such a huge and important part of a woman’s life and something we are very honoured and humbled to be a part of.

The birthing of “Mother Nurtured” really came about from Tianjin’s experiences in Amsterdam where she had her first two beautiful, planned home births and the care she received during pregnancy and for the 4th trimester/ the postnatal stage was incredible, loving and nurturing. Just as it should be!! She felt so cared for and mothered which helped her immensely to be able to “Mother” her little ones and to fully enjoy the ride of the postnatal stage.

Moving back to Australia and with the lack of postnatal care Bianca and many other women receive here and knowing how important and precious this time is for women, we wanted to be able to make these treatments and therapies available here. So, we seeked out the training from all of the women Tianjin received care from in the Netherlands and we soon discovered the endless benefits of Mizan abdominal massage, castor oil packs, womb steaming and placenta remedies. These treatments and products can so beautifully support a woman throughout different stages of their life and for preventing, treating and healing female dis-eases in the body. We started Mother Nurtured and are continually amazed at the benefits we are seeing for women.

We have put together packages and treatments that help with digestive health, menstrual issues, vaginal health, endometriosis, fertility, pregnancy, the postnatal stage, menopause, and the list goes on. We aim to support and empower women to take control of their bodies and realise that they can bring so much healing and nourishment with daily routines and less intrusive treatments especially for fertility. We can also treat our clients as support on their IVF journey, and more nurturing rituals and healings for recovering from birth and the postnatal stage...

"Healing the world, one uterus at a time" - Bushra Finch

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Bianca Lawless- Chiarelli


Nutritionist BHlthSci (Nutritional Medicine), Mizan Therapist (including Womb Steaming & Castor Oil Packs), Placenta Remedy Specialist

& Mum.

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Tianjin Lawless-Jennings


Yoga Teacher, Pregnancy & postnatal Yoga Teacher, Mizan Therapist (including Womb Steaming & Castor oil packs), Placenta Remedy Specialist

& Mum. 


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