Why consume your Placenta?

This guide will help you through the process of choosing placenta remedies with Mother Nurtured Postnatal Products.

Please use this guide as a reference and to help explain placenta remedies to your midwife and family/friends.

What is so special about my placenta?

The placenta has long been thought of as a magical part of the creation of a baby. This incredible organ is uniquely designed for your baby and is an integral part of any pregnancy and birth. The placenta physically connects you to your unborn baby feeding essential oxygen, nutrients and vitamins. During and after birth women lose 1/8th to 1/10th of their blood supply from the bleeding wound left inside the uterus, where the placenta was attached during the pregnancy. We believe the mammalian placenta was made to be consumed and make up for this loss by giving the new mother essential fats, proteins, vast amounts of iron and essential hormones to heal wounds and aid the body in self recovery after birth.

Why should I consider consuming my placenta?

Dried placenta powder was recognised as a potent medicine in Europe for centuries and used to treat and cure many ailments, mostly those surrounding birth. However since the late 19th century, most natural birthing methods have been replaced by modern birthing techniques, losing along the way many valuable traditions practiced for centuries. The benefits of consuming the placenta are being rediscovered and scientists are beginning to study placentophagy. Today there is profound anecdotal evidence and scientific studies that suggest consuming the placenta can be just as beneficial for humans as it is for other mammals. Testimonials from our clients reveal that consuming the placenta after birth may improve energy levels, increase milk production and slow or stop postpartum hemorrhaging, thus creating an overall healthier post-birth recovery.

So what is placenta made up of?

  • Prolactin: promotes lactation

  • Oxytocin: for pain and bonding

  • Prostagalandins: anti-inflammatory

  • Cortisone: combats stress and unlocks energy stores

  • Haemoglobin: replenishes iron deficiency and anemia

  • Interferon: stimulates the immune system to protect against infections

  • Gonadotrophin: the procurer to oestrogen, progesterone and testosterone

  • Gammaglobin: immune booster that helps protect against postpartum infections

  • Thyroid stimulating hormone: boosts energy and helps recovery from stressful events

  • Urokinase Inhibiting Factor and factor XII: stops bleeding and enhances wound healing

Women have reported feeling:

  • Balanced hormones

  • Increased energy levels

  • Less feelings of overwhelm

  • Better milk supply

  • Reduction or skipping the 'baby blues'

  • Reduced postpartum bleeding

  • Quicker postnatal healing

  • Iron levels higher than expected

How do I book in my Placenta Remedies?

  • Request a booking form from Mother Nurtured if you have not yet received one

  • Avoid booking too late as we only take on a certain number of clients per month

  • After we receive your booking form we will send you a detailed email with everything you need to know for the birth

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Will placenta capsules help prevent the ‘Baby Blues’ and/or Post-Natal Depression?

The ‘baby blues’ are a known symptom of birth and mothers are told to expect to feel sad, anxious and very emotional around the third day after the birth, usually when the milk engorges the breasts. These symptoms can sometimes develop into post-natal depression. Studies have proven that the symptoms of post-natal depression are linked with the severe lack of essential nutrients such as vitamin B6 and hormone CRH (our stress reducer hormone), both which are of high supply in the placenta. Consuming the placenta in raw smoothies or in capsules is thought to nourish the mother, replacing lost essential nutrients and hormones following birth and may entirely prevent the ‘baby blues’ and post-natal depression.

Why should I try to deliver the Placenta naturally?

Many hospitals/midwives offer an artificial hormone based injection called syntometrine to speed up the third stage of labour and the delivery of your placenta. This is done routinely when giving birth by caesarean section. If possible, delivering the placenta naturally is best for placenta encapsulation to prevent artificial hormones presenting in the blood and placental tissues. The syntometrine injection does not prevent you from benefiting from placenta encapsulation nor do caesarean section births.

What do I need to do to keep my placenta safe until the encapsulation?

Your placenta must be chilled on ice and stored in your cooler box/ container immediately after cord cutting or within 30 minutes of birth. Keep your cooler bag with you in your hospital room. Some midwives may allow you to keep your frozen ice packs in the hospital freezer during labour. Talk to your midwife about your options at your local hospital.

Placentas chilled in cooler bags with frozen ice blocks must be dropped to us or transported to a home refrigerator by a family member or friend within 12 hours of its birth.

If you are birthing at home then your placenta should be stored in a refrigerator at 8°C or below.

Caesarean Births: Ensure your doctors and midwives are aware you would like to keep your placenta and ask if your partner can bring your storage container into theatre. The hormone injection syntometrine/syntocinon given to speed up the third stage will not prevent you from benefiting from placenta remedies.

What if I want to bank my baby’s cord blood or donate pieces of my placenta for research?

If you plan to either donate or bank cord blood we advise you prepare two containers, one for the cord (or pieces of placenta) and another for the whole placenta for encapsulation, both labeled appropriately to avoid confusion after birth.

When should I contact Mother Nurtured after birth?

We advise you book your encapsulation with Mother Nurtured as early as possible or at least 2 weeks before your due date. Contact us within 12 hours after the birth of your baby, by text or phone. It can be dropped off to us between 7am and 7pm. Outisde of these hours you can msg us to let us know butyou will have to store it correctly overnight in a fridge or in the cooler bag with an a lot of ice which is topped up overnight.

We aim to encapsulate your placenta within 24-48 hours after receiving it giving you the benefits of your placenta as soon as we can. If for any reason we are not available within 3 days after the birth, you must place your placenta in the freezer. We will then book a suitable time to make your placenta capsules. You will need to thaw the placenta slowly in the refrigerator for between 24 - 36 hours before we start to work on it.

Why should I choose Mother Nurtured for my placenta encapsulation?

  • Professional – We have experience with pregnancy, birth and post-natal wellness.

  • Trained, Certified and Licensed – We are highly skilled having received practical and theory training. We hold a Certificate in Placenta Remedy Preparation from an accredited training provider, along with valid Infection Control, Food Hygiene and Hazard Analysis (HACCP) Certificates and receive ongoing CPD training and support.

  • Best Equipment – We use high quality equipment to ensure you receive as many nutrients from your placenta as possible.

  • Health and Safety – Our training ensures that we deliver a safe and quality product to every client. We adhere to
    government health and safety and food hygiene regulations and our equipment is dedicated to the preparation of
    placenta remedies and thoroughly cleaned and disinfected after each client.

  • Sympathetic and Understanding – We focus on the Mother; our Client Care package ensures your placenta encapsulation is simple and stress free giving you time to focus on your newborn and your recovery.

Disclaimer, requirements and circumstances where we are unable to offer services:

We cannot guarantee results with placenta capsules or any other placenta remedy. Because you are the producer of the ingredient, the quality and potency of your placenta remedies is unique to your own placenta. We highly recommend you follow the care instructions given by Mother Nurtured upon receipt of your capsules.

If you experience any type of side effect or adverse reaction when taking your placenta remedies, please contact us.

Disclaimer: Any advice or information provided by Mother Nurtured regarding Placenta Encapsulation is based on experience, research, documentation and client testimonials from mothers who've used placenta capsules and other placenta remedies for their post-partum recovery. The Placenta Remedies Network is not a medical body and does not claim to treat, cure or relieve any symptoms in pregnancy, birth or post-birth. PRN always advises you seek advice from your GP or midwife if you have any problems with your pregnancy, birth or post-birth recovery. Families who choose to utilise the services provided by Mother Nurtured take full responsibility of their own health and for researching and using the remedies provided in this service.

Requirements: We require parents to complete and sign the Mother Nurtured Booking Form before booking the services. We also require parents to complete a Placenta Collection Statement before the preparation of any remedies. This statement allows us to ensure your placenta is safe and suitable for consumption and confirms you have stored your placenta as per our guidelines. Because all births are different we must ensure your placenta meets our food safety policy requirements to ensure we provide you with a safe and quality product.

Circumstances where we are unable to offer our services: If you have tested positive for any blood borne disease (HIV, AIDS, HBV, HCV, CJD) or uterine/placental infection we are unable to offer our services. PRN Specialists reserve the right to refuse services based on their own assessment of your placenta upon collection. In order to ensure we deliver a quality and food safe product we must ensure our placenta storage guidelines have been met. To prevent disappointment and refusal of services we advise you follow our placenta storage guidelines, most importantly, ensuring your placenta is chilled within 30 minutes after its delivery.