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Perineum Spray



A beautiful gift to yourself or for someone you love to nourish and support healing post-birth. This healing spray is freshly brewed by us and includes Arnica, Calendula & Hypericum for deep healing. 

Spray over your whole perineum (vulva and anus area) straight after birth several times a day. 

This works for both external and internal healing.  


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Castor Oil Pack

Castor Oil, Organic Cotton Flannel, Waterproof Fabric Cover


Castor oil packs promote healing and reduce inflammation. They also improve elimination and circulation. 

Castor oil has been used for centuries in traditional medicine to promote healing in the body, specifically the reproductive system. The castor oil pack is put on the skin to promote healing of the tissues and organs beneath. It is extremely beneficial to support womens health including:

  • womb health

  • ovarian health

  • fallopian tube health

  • post natal support and recovery

  • Gentle detox before conception

  • egg health

  • Heals scar tissue

  • Improves circulation

We have created the complete castor oil pack, with instructions to be able to do your own treatments at home, The material can be used multiple times. 

Yoni steam herbal packages

3 steams - $45

5 steams - $70

10 steams - $135

Take home herbal packages so that you can steam in the comfort of your own home. 

Instructions included on how to steam using your own toilet. 

Our herbal blends include a variety of herbs to assist with specific conditions. We can also create a blend specific to your needs. 

Our herbal blends include:

Wellbeing Blend

Post-partum blend

Fertility Blend

Disinfecting blend

Menopause blend